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     Our Commitment To You, Our Customer

  Choosing the right collection agency is an important step in every company's accounts receivable management scheme. Your agency must give you the personalized service that you expect and demand. That agency must be committed to the efficient and aggressive collection of your receivables. You must trust your agency to act professionally towards your customers while expeditiously working on your behalf.

Portland, Oregon based ASAP Collections, Inc. opened in 1991 with the specific objective of providing a cost-effective collection service to our business community partners. The company brings more than 60 years experience in the business of debt collections and a proven track record of a high rate of recovery. We offer the complete collection service tailored to meet your firm's specific needs and requirements. We work for you as a part of your credit team to insure you have a reliable outside service for your company's collection needs.

Remember, the definition of credit is the sale of goods or the performance of services with the promise of payment at a future date. The role of a good Credit Manager is a balancing act between sales and collecting the outstanding receivables. Sometimes outside professional help from a third party debt collection service is part of that process.

Our management team will analyze recovery scenarios for each transaction, settlement, or litigation. We will never sacrifice overall collections to generate short term cash flow. We have experience in a wide variety of markets and have an established nationwide network of attorneys accepting referrals on a contingent basis.

ASAP Collections is your trusted source for business to business collections. If you have any questions about our services, we encourage you to contact us immediately.

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