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     Rates and Schedule of Services

  The following is an outline of our standard rate structure.

ASAP COLLECTIONS, INC. does not have any hidden costs.

The rates and all fees unless otherwise stated in advance are contingent upon collection.

50% Account balances $0.00 - $150.00
$75.00 Account balances $151.00 - $300.00
Flat fee with minimum taken on first collection
Sliding scale charges on accounts exceeding $301.00
25% on the first $4,000.00
20% from $4,001.00 - $10,000.00
15% of the excess $10,001.00
When legal action becomes necessary ASAP COLLECTIONS, INC. will select an attorney wherever your debtor is located. Our fee is a FLAT 10% on total amount collected in attorney services. Contingent fees may vary but the following represents standard C.L.L.A. (Commercial Law League America) rates.
20% $125.00 - $300.00
18% $301.00 - $2,000.00
13% above $2,000.00
Additional legal fees consisting of court costs and suit fees may be required when suit is authorized. These fees are disclosed in advance and require approval before the attorney can proceed.

ASAP COLLECTIONS, INC. looks forward to being of service to your business for your total collection needs. Make us part of your credit team as we work together to recover your lost profits.

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